What does the error "Object has overlapping UVs" mean when I import a model from Maya?


The message means your lightmap uvs are overlapping. I am guessing you are using the primary channel for lightmapping. You can solve that issue by creating a secondary uv set right inside unreal.

  1. To do this open the mesh inside unreal and then go to Window > Generate Unique Uvs. the default settings usually work well for this, so hit apply (you can tweak it if you wish).

  2. To view the generated uvs on the top you should see “UV Channel 0” change that to UV Channel 1 and click on the UV button that is next to “Additional Data”.

  3. If you are happy with the layout then go to the details panel and search for “Lightmap”.

  4. Change the “lightmap coordinate index” to 1 and the you can fiddle around with the lightmap resoulution.

  5. Rebake the lighting in your would and that should solve your problem.

Alternatively you can generate a secondary UV set in maya and then open the mesh inside unreal follow step 4 and 5 after you reimport your mesh.

Hope it helps. Sorry for the weird formatting, was just about to leave work. If you need more clarification let me know.


It looks like you might have imported the mesh as a skeletal mesh. A skeletal mesh is a mesh that is rigged and has bones. I am guessing that table isn’t supposed to be a skeletal mesh. You might want to reimport it as a static mesh.

Hello, I am beginner level with UE4 and Maya.

I have created a simple desk in maya however when i import it to UE4 i am getting this error

What can i do to fix this error ? can i fix this within UE4 or does it have to be with maya and if so can anyone point me the right direction.


Hello and thanks for your response, i have done it unreal and i now get this error i don’t now is if this is a problem

but my problem now is the lighting on the mesh is off, i have played around with the light map resolution and have not got it right just yet

Thanks again.

It is now a static mesh but i cannot fix the lighting for it,

Any suggestions ?

edit: another image: Screenshot - 609d3485f5f06cd6cd273e4d75f3c884 - Gyazo