What does MotionBlurSkinning do?

I was following the last post from this dx11 optimization guide by Chosker

And indeed find that disabling MotionBlurSkinning does help quite a bit to recuperate those lost frame rates.But what does that option do? Is it something important to have turned on or does it deactivate motion blur completely?

On a side note, turning off ambient occlusion seems to help too under dx11.

IIRC it’s the one that allows using per-bone motion blur on skeletal meshes based on their individual bone motions. otherwise you get motion blur at the full actor motion

You mean something like 1:43 (swing weapon) and 1:48 sec in this video?Unreal Engine 3 - Inside UDK: Fall 2011 Trailer - YouTube
So turning it off is not a problem and we still retain some of that motion blur for the entire skeletal mesh?

yep that should be right