What does Error imply?

Hi I am working on deploying project to Android and some error occurs
Is there some problem with adb interface?
I tried to laod the apk file and my phone shows “Parse Error”.
I am using UE4.16. Is it necessary I install unreal via source code from github?
I have attached part of the output log for ref.

link text


No it is not required to get the github version. I push to my android phone with just the binary version fine. Hopefully its just a tickbox somewhere.

Just a few things to check:
Have you enabled developer mode on your phone, this would be the most common failure for failing to push the apk file, and In the developer menu, have you enabled USB debugging, and then when your phone pops up with the security message for your pc, you allowed it access.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. I have allowed access for my PC on phone.
The problem still persists.
Any further suggestion you can offer related to adb interface issue?? Could you look at the output log for reference?

Hmm, well the log shows it built successfully and its on push that it’s failing. I am afraid I don’t know the cause of the error so hopefully someone else will chime in with a better answer. The only thing I could recommend is running NVPACK again and confirm all necessary components are installed and up to date. Especially the adb drivers. There’s a NVPACK installer in the Unreal Engine install directory under Engine>Extras>AndroidWorks

However while you wait for that I can recommend trying to push the game in a few different methods to see if any work, at least you could continue to work then.

  1. The launch button should show your phone and push directly to the device. Im guessing this is what you have tried already.
  2. Going to File>Package Project >Android will produce a folder with the apk and its files, and also a .bat file. This .bat file will also push your package to your phone.
  3. You could copy the apk directly to your phone via normal folder operations, if you set your phone for media transfer, just copy paste the file directly to your phone. Then on your phone you can just open the apk and it should install itself. If you copy it to your downloads folder its easy to get to without needed a file browser app. I have not tried it with a Unreal built apk but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, and your not using the adb interface at all.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you once again for looking into the log and answering. Really appreciate your effort.
I found out that my phone’s adb interface and sdk path weren’t matching. So I manually added my phones hardware id to sdk and it worked. :slight_smile: