What Do You Want To Know? Livestream on C++ Programming in UE4 Coming Next Week!

Hey Guys,

I’m Matt Canei, Creative/Art Director on Hanako - Soul of the Samurai ( Next week our Lead Programmer, Ajani Thomas, will be covering C++ Programming in UE4 on live on Twitch ( We want to give back to the community and help provide answers to challenges we’ve faced making an Indie game and maybe help facilitate what awesome stuff you all are working on.

He’d like to know what kind of questions and topics you’d like to see him cover, they could be ranging from Getting Started to advanced topics. He will choose what he thinks will make for the most useful stream and present live for an hour to two hours depending on scheduling and what topics come up.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Official Stream Time & Date: Thursday, October 30th @ 10PM Eastern on

(There are also art-driven dev streams multiple times a week on the channel as well).

Archive of the Stream:

It would be helpful if he covered topics that don’t have any documentations or good guides yet. Like C++ replication, using Playerstate, Gamestate etc

And GameInstance!!

net. work. ing.


C++ Replication / Netcode for me, that’s my biggest one atm.

Sounds great, looking forward to it.

Evening, which time zone?

In addition to network stuff, if he’s done any dynamic mesh generation, I’d love to hear about it.

Please please please, netcode! There’s plenty on general networking concepts, so if you could just dive right in to the specifics of UE4’s replication, tips and tricks and so on, that would be amazing. <3

Eastern time zone, most likely it’ll be 10/28 @ 8PM but we haven’t nailed down a final time yet.

Seems networking is the most popular topic request, we’ll make sure this is included as our game is multiplayer, we do LOTS of it.

Awesome, that will help allot of people new to ue4 networking and networking in general.

I don’t have any questions to add I just wanted to say how awesome you guys are for doing this :slight_smile: <3

Sounds ace! Looking forward to it!

Connecting to a local or remote database and using data from it. Not necessarily how to build the foundation, but just code-wise how to set it up so that data can be passed to and from the client machines/ game securely.

I’ve seen this question asked elsewhere. Having the game connect directly to the database is a bad idea. What you would want to do is setup a web service that the game would make calls to.

On topic: I’m with everyone else in wanting to understand the networking a bit more.

Agreed seems like a useful topic to cover.

Yea, I’ve seen that as well, for connecting to a DB server. You could also implement a localized database file to store information in (easier to ship DB file updates rather than recompile the entire game and ship out). In either case though, you want to connect to either the server or file securely and pass data back and forth. I dunno, perhaps I’m overthinking it.

Ill pop in and watch!

Finally some love to C++ users :smiley:

for me I want to see how will you setup your game

gamemode / pawn / playercontroller …etc

and what is the right place to put code :smiley:

Will you upload it in youtube after the stream is done?

Hope Epic also notices this and gives us some networking support.

Yes, I’ll make sure it’s uploaded to our YouTube channel.

I’d really like to see some coverage of collision detection and when to do it on the server vs. client. Really looking forward to the vid!