What do you think about Accidental Runner game

Would you do the same , sell it and push it to greenlight ?

Personally I would not make a game like that, but only due to personal preference, however each to their own and I do support people tying new ideas and approaches.
So good luck to whoever is behind this, and perhaps it’s worth remembering that many great directors, musicians and writers, first, second and even third efforts were not always that wonderful, but as long as there is progress and learning it’s a good process in my view.

I would be very surprised if that game gets greenlit.

Hahaha, Looks pretty funny. Though I wouldn’t buy it.

On Steam since 2 days:

I just saw this…even calling it garbage would be too positive…abomination?
This is disgusting, that people have the audacity to **** out something like this is disturbing.
But one thing that is even more concerning is that Steam allows something like this to be published.

I do support new ideas and people trying to get going, but this is just ridiculous.
This is nothing more than cash grabbing and shouldn’t be supported. In cases like this I can’t care about the Dev. I simply lose all respect towards the Dev and feel nothing more than disgust.

Sorry, but this goes too far.

No law has been broken, but I don’t think this will raise more money than it cost. Unless it gets bought by the “Ironic” crowd, which is a distinct possibility.

I mean, I know someone who owns Bad Rats.

I think I was a bit too harsh, so sorry for that and my language.

I still think it’s sad to see people put that little amount of effort into their works, but at least they are not as bad as others. They “only” want 2€, while others want 10€ or more, so this is at least something good.
I feel sorry for those who try to get their well made and good ideas out there, but get lost in the sea of bad games. I do hope Valve comes up with something to work against this.

It makes me think why bother. I’m trying my damnedest to make a great game and get onto the steam platform while living of ramen to do so, I see this on steam selling for cash… aaargh.

Calling this thing a game is slap in the face for real gamer. Anybody who bought it should be banned for steam forever, and forbidden to reproduce.

Hahaha what a joke!! The two positive Steam reviews made me chuckle though “This is the only game I’m giving as a gift for the rest of time.” & “its a game.”

So what is the standing on selling the unreal tutorial assets? SURELY theres a problem with that?

Na…all the example/tutorial project assets are free to use commercially

He isn’t reselling the assets as individual products, they’re just included in the game. Here’s a quote from the FAQ:

What can I do with content I obtain from the Marketplace and Learn tab?

Besides using this content for learning, experimenting, and prototyping, you can also ship it in your own products too! However, you can’t sell or sublicense Marketplace content to other developers for use in their products, e.g. via web site or e-commerce mechanism built into a 3D development tool.

Guys, it’s totally legit! =D
First line from game description is:

However the fact that this is published on Steam and some people bought this… Ergh…

Thanks for the clarification on that mate - Just seems a bit cheap to me bunging them into whatever this is and selling it, but fair enough, no law has been broken

From my understanding the game was approved and is now for sale on Steam? So some community or someone’s grinded out e-mails to register and upvote the/their own game? I guess there’s no way to look into that or this was a joke from a creator with a huge audience/following.

exactly my thoughts.

What’s with the hate guys? It’s like you’re jealous or something…

What’s your opinion on the game?