What do I need to create a classical (baldurs gate like) Rpg.

Hello everybody,

I am very sorry to bother some of you all with such a silly question, but consider me a total noob (when it comes to coding ) who maybe has some money and would like to invest into a dev
studio. I understand how one creates animation, lore, story, sound, music and rpg mechanics and all the other stuff, however i have no idea what in sort of code would I need ? Would it be hard for someone to do it ? How many hours ( Not precise ) of manpower am I looking at here and isnt there maybe a blueprint or a source code out there someone could use ?

So if I got it right my cRPG would need :
-Combat AI
-Interaction : traps/lootable containers/gates/mechanisms etc.
-Abilities buffs/debuffs/spells
-dialogue system
-Character Customisation Look and progress
-an in house system when it comes to deciding a hit/miss/block etc.

How complicated is it to do those things, wherein lies the reall challenge ?

Sorry for the absolute noobish question I know im probably wasting someones time with it but I am really genuinely curious as I do not really understand code ( Lets make for example an absolutely stupid statement which probably can’t be or isn’t true but : Why isnt there just a blueprint code i could just copy paste and have all the features of the rpg done in a week or less ? for example an isometric tileset with a point and click movement code or something like that. As I said before I am a super noob to this therefore the question )

And yes I am somewhat desperate to ask here because even my coder friends can’t seem to answer my question. And I looked on the internet for answers but again to no avail.

Thanks to anyone who will find a bit of time to explain THIS to me like to a 4 year old. Thank you. Also english isn’t my mother tongue.

It is hard. What you described is what everyone thinks of doing.

To create something is always more involved than you can imagine. Imagining is the easy part.

Thousands, millions of dollars are spent. Thousands of hours and sometimes hundreds of people.

There are many videos on YouTube, where you can find information on what it could take.

If you cannot find information on the internet, then you will be hard pressed to find anything. There is plenty out there. There are resources in the marketplace. There is information on Unreal Slackers on Discord.

good luck.

Hi, depends on the quality you want in the end. Making an RPG is not easy and if you want AAA quality, then you should expect to need the manpower of a AAA studio…

Best you can do is to look at published games having about the quality you envision and look at how many people have worked on that game.

Take a look at unreal engines example projects, especially the ActionRPG one.

Its a bit like

So if I got it right my self driving car would need:


How complicated is it to do those things, wherin lies the real challenge? =)

So for example it is one thing to build a basic Combat AI (you can get some basic AI that will feel really wrong for the player and that is not integrated into your game done in some days) and another thing to build a Combat AI that feels realistic (for single dev rather think about months/years and serious C++ coding here…) and is integrated into your game.

All this logic would be game specific, most/all of it would not work outside of that specific game. Therefore that would only be possible if someone made a complete rgp game and then made it available. But then all you would do would be to swap some assets and create some maps, the game would still be the same…

You can look through the marketplace though and see if you find some template where you want to start from.
So again, best you can do is to look at published games having about the quality you envision and look at how many people have worked on that game.