What do I have to do to make an alpha, demo, and the complete game? I have to make all of this parts in different projects?

HI, I’m making a game and I have a little bit done of the alpha but, I want to start making the demo so, I dont know if I have to make this demo in a separate proyect and I have to make all the animations and materials again to the new proyect… :V

first, calm down with the caps lock. second, alpha refers to an incomplete game that needs testing, so release that whenever you want but it should still be presentable since you want it to build hype for your game and an ugly one will only make you look bad. once the game mechanics are all done, you could release a demo with just one or two maps- or just finish the game, duplicate the project, then delete all but a couple maps and disconnect some map load buttons so people can’t open blank maps. release the limited version for free and put the full version up right afterwards.

OMG, thanks you a lot bro, I love you XD, and of course I want to make a good game so, I want to make a good alpha and demo… and sorry if I made some writting mistakes, I speak spanish and I’m learning english right now XD

no problem i was just saying calm down because people may not take your questions seriously if you write in all capital letters

yes haha, I was frustrated, I won’t do that for the next :slight_smile:

alright, best of luck with your project