what could be causing flickering or losing shadows in video rendering.

hello fellows , i think we need some help.

we’ve beeen experimenting some issues with video rendering in sequencer.
as you can see in the following video:

some objects flicker (?) in a very nasty way
some objects change their texture/shader on camera
some shadows appear or dissapear on camera.

what could be causing this issues? is it a modeling issue? lightmass? lightmaps? etc…

we are currently running a 64 bit windows 10, i7 5820k @3.3Ghz, 24Gb ddr4 with a 980ti gpu. UE 4.15 but we experience this flickering or losing shadows issues since 4.12.

From the looks of your video, the first thing you point out with the corners fading out is Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO). It’s controlled in the post process to soften and darken the look of it, but since it’s a screen space effect it can only ever appear within the camera’s view, so as you move forward it will fade out in these areas and can be noticeable, you can disable it, soften the effect, or use dynamic options that aren’t screen space oriented, like distance Field ambient occlusion, or use baked AO by enabling it in the World Settings under Lightmass section.

The other issue you’re pointing out in the level appears to be anti-aliasing. If you’re using FXAA, MSAA, or No AA method you’ll see this aliasing happening on sharper edges in distances between light and dark surfaces. You can offset this by using Temporall AA. If these are just rendered images that you’re rendering out and then making a video then unfortunately TAA is not an option. Often this type of render will be done by using a higher resolution image and then scaling it down in whatever external application you have. This can reduce the aliasing artifacts but they may still be present.

ty sir, we will get to work righ away.

we have been trying yo get some panoramic experiences, screenshot of our scene currently :