What content would you like to see on the learning portal?

Hi All,

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve recently begun previewing our forthcoming learning portal. We are in the planning stages for our 2019/2020 courses that will appear there.

Now is the time to tell is what you’d like to see! We want to hear from you on what kind of courses and topics we should be creating and what is important to you!

Please take a few minutes to tell us in this short survey. (@2-3 mins). In the coming months, we will be posting a follow up survey focusing on game dev specifically.

Thanks for your time.


I’m new to using Unreal Engine 4, and game creation all together. I been using UE4 about 2 months now, what i would like to see is Intermediate tutorials. Right now, I got down all basic blue print information down. Now i’m confused where to go and what to research after basic blue print, Ui Widgets, movement, health pick ups, variable,function and collisions. What I would like to see are lesson what to do next Animations, Interactions,or what would be next part of learning and putting all this stuff together. Advance Tutorial would also help, In this tutorial have a small open world game applying all element from beginning to end.

It would be nice to see a solid guide on how to setup and use a c++ only (or partially) UE4 project. Im guessing this would probably include best practices with links to docs as well as troubleshooting IDE quirks, maybe even best practices on what to include/exclude from source control. This course would also probably have a level of familiarity with both UE4 and c++ (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and focus on not necessarily building a type of game but setting up example game variants like Character Health, etc… Blueprints are awesome and useful but a coding tutorial can be fun too.

Microtranscation, Dedicated Server (maintance not setting up in game logic), etc would be very useful.

I would love to see Networking series. No matter if it’s Blueprints-only or C++/Blueprints. Not just how-to, but theoretically explained. This would help bring many, many great ideas to Multiplayer modes.

Hey, check out Unreal Official youtube channel here - Unreal Engine - YouTube
Also, I highly recommend Mathew Wadstein’s channel -


Hi Chris, Lots of requests for C++ so far… But I have a special request… Why not aim the first C++ course at people who don’t actually want to develop in C++, but need to expose engine functionality to Blueprints? - Look back at this Epic Livestream as an example. Lots of good stuff in there. But it ran out of time because it tried to cover too much glue between Blueprints and UE4-C++. Why not keep things simple this time, and just cover ‘one use case’ all the way to COMPLETION. For example, this was one of the highest rated requests on here before it was hidden. Please offer a tutorial that shows:

1. Downloading Source + Building the engine (with common errors / gotchas). Show Windows + Linux POV, if possible.
2. Add a brand new Blueprint-Node to Enable / Disable the current hard-coded Split-Screen killswitch for Bloom etc etc.

Good working, best-practice examples for game-mechanics in blueprint, and samples for the uses of each blueprint node available.

I’d like to see more Shaders and material tricks, from basic effects to advanced stuff (like things we see on the Ryan Brucks’ blog, shaderbits : waves, impostors, ray marching clouds, etc…).
And also a lot more c++ content, how to modify the editor, how to expose certain functionality in BP, how to create a plugin, etc…

An in-depth tutorial on inverse kinematics would be nice. It took me a long time before I finally figured out how to get a decent looking foot placement system for my characters and I struggled to find any decent tutorials on this.

More than content i would like to request a feature for the online learning portal…the chance to download the captions or open a trascription window so you can copy the text and save it…it’s really useful to take notes especially for people that aren’t english motherlanguage.The easiest way is to put the video on youtube too,like what the guys of Allegorithmic did with their Substance Academy.Thanks!

Precursor, this is a great idea as well and we are working to make these available. Hopefully by the end of the year.


awesome! thanks guys!

Would like to see some blender to ue4 stuff

Hi There,

I suggest that to put a resource link for online courses. I was trying to follow this course but I couldn’t find where to download the resources used in the tutorial. Anyone know where I can download?

Course link is here:Ooops! Invalid access


What the course title? Direct links don’t work as intended yet.

Sorry about the broken link. I found that there is a market place redeem code if the course has downloadable content, which is very cool. But I also find that plenty of courses don’t have a code. However majority of those courses without content are basic course, I guess that’s fine but some big courses don’t have neither(e.g.Understanding The Essential Concepts of Lighting for Architectural Projects)

Also course like “VFX and Particle Systems with Unreal Engine”, which I am interested in the most, is a video record in classroom from Unreal Academy 2018 I guess. I really would like to have access to instructor’s material(blue exhaust effect) and redo it by my self.

How about a course on how to troubleshoot crashing issues? It could involve:

  • where to access and how to use the crash log
  • what to look for in terms of errors / failures that result in a crash
  • how to accurately and properly report bugs / crashes beyond the initial crash popup (send and close, etc)
  • known issues with certain in-engine settings and particular brands / specs of graphics cards and computers/laptops/machines

**^^ THIS ^^ **

Especially for simple crashes that are solely working off a fresh engine install and the standard built-in project templates! Overall, having to download symbols and install Visual Studio is just not practical for anyone with bad or unreliable internet, or offices that only use airgapped machines… Then, there’s all the extra drive space that gets used up too, which is unfriendly when so many rigs ship with miserly SSD’s by default…:mad:

I’d love to see some stuff for the new hair functionality :slight_smile: