What command would I use to turn on/off motion blur with Blueprints?

Hey guys, I need to turn on/off motion blur with blueprint. I think the only way to do that is to execute a console command, but what command? I need to turn on/off and playing with the amont of blur for a quick movement in my project :/.

Hey, respond to myself :

My movement is on my Character BP so i needed to spawn an postprocess volume to get the actor, then I break it to modify the value I wanted (in this case fringe, but works with motion blur either). Then after that i remake a posprocesssettings with the news values to set it in my postprocess volume. I destroy the volume when the effect is gone. I know that’s not a “elegant” way to do so, but hey, works :).

Here my BP screen if someone need to do the trick :

Can you please explain how to make this SET node? Didn’t find it in the availabe list.

Right click on the blue thing in Make PostProcessSettings and promote to variable.