What causes this effect?

its just a very simple translucent material applied to a plane which is about 1 meter above my terrain.

Hello Chooka,

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your Material editor graph for this translucent material you are using?

It almost looks like z-fighting, but that only occurs with two textures overlapping and attempting to fight for priority on which to render over the other.


i get the same problem if i use ExponentialHeightFog and the camera is at a high altitude and also if i use the ocean from [Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums.

Z-fighting is my thought aswell but how do i stop it?

I have also tried removing the material from the terrain and using the default material but problem remains.

Honestly, It probably has to do with the depth fade node as you are dividing it by a tenth and feeding that both into the Opacity and the Fade distance. The two sided option could also be having an effect.

Could you share with me what you are trying to accomplish so maybe I can help you achieve your goal?


I was just experimenting trying to make a ground fog plane. Because i was getting the same problem when using ExponentialHeightFog and/or using the ocean shader from Dotcam when the camera is at high altitudes looking down. I am making a jetpack game so lots of flying at high altitudes.

i tried it as a single sided but same thing.

You should try taking a look at the Atmospheric Fog, as it can be a really powerful tool when adding fog to larger outdoor environments. Also, the issue you could be seeing with your custom ground fog is that you are using an Unlit material, which will not account for directional lighting in conjunction with the, ‘Separate Translucency’ option. That option will disable your materials ability to account for Depth of Field, and could be fighting with your landscape for priority. Depth of Field is applied through your post processing.

Fog Effects

Let me know if you still need help.


yeah i know i should be using the engines built in fog but i am not getting good results with it. i am getting the same issues as i am having with this material.

thats why i tried it this way as to make it easier to narrow down the problem. everything is fine if the camera is close to the terrain but it breaks down at higher altitudes. i have tried all possible settings/options in the material. it seems to be the depth fade node is causing the problem.