What caused this?

And how to smooth it out. FYI… All meshes have 512 to 1024 resolution lightmaps and no overlapping. Stock baselightmass and stock everything. Even in lightmass… only change I made is put the Lightbounce to 12 instead of 3. What causes those abrupt shadows?

also noticed, without any furniture… the room is clean and not weird abrupt shadows. everything is even. its only when i add stuff that make lighting more complex to calculate

Can you post a screenshot of the UVWs for the crown moulding?

Sure… u mean the light ficture edge? If so… ill post it in 2 hours… machine is being used.

Are you using portals? There might be enough samples. Also make sure you’re using a light mass importance volume.

Yeah… portals on all windows and door. And yes on the volume. Only way to get

here you go. simple flattening.

i used that steam roller script. works really well for most meshes.

Ok. Found out that is you shape the postals nicely to the openings, it helps.

They look pretty good for a flattening, it would still look a lot better if you unwrapped it yourself though. What about the crown moulding? That’s where you’re having the most problems, I’m assuming because they don’t have enough space for all the shadow information.

Ohh … u meant the trims on the walls. I did the same. Steamrolled it. Ill post a pic of it. 90% of everthing is steamrolled. Hardest honestly was the shower curtain sincr it has folds in the bottom and the bed conforter. Anything with sever folds the steamroller doesnt do a good jon on the sharp creases.

Im almost done finaly with the whole apartment. I still get some odd light splotches in somr areas but no more light leaks. Learned a lot. Next step im truing to figure out is how to record the camera footage. Theres little info.

here is the crown molding. I can get the splotches to go away by adding another light to fill in the area move with photons. So i think its not a uvw issue. Dont want to increase the world setting from the defaults since it greatly increases render time. Right now its baking at under 1:20 minutes and getting a rather clean scene.