What can I use as a sub uv movie in gpu particles

Sub uv movies do not work in gpu particles but they work in cpu particles. What could I use to create a sub uv movie in a gpu sprite?

SubUV’s aren’t supported on GPU particles. It’s a bug that the “red X” doesn’t appear over the SubUV modules like the one that appears over “Collision” when using GPU particles. The “red X” not showing should be fixed next beta.

Further, the reason SubUV’s aren’t supported on GPU particles via Nick Penwarden:

I wanted to minimize the amount of
per-particle state we store on the GPU
for memory and performance reasons.
Right now it is all packed in to 4
textures: (1 for simulation, one for
rendering, two that are shared by both
simulation and rendering). Adding
random SubUV would require a 5th
texture and an additional texture
sample per vertex when rendering