What can be made to make those palm trees look better?

Well, my textures are 700x700 (bark), 256x256 (hub) and 128x256 (leaves). I suck at UV unwrapping so I need to scale down the faces on the UV to make them fit the square that is the bark. Other than the decent UV unwrap, what can I do to make it better? Below are some photos of them and the materials

The hub material is a diffuse + normal;
Leaves are diffuse + normal + two sided vegetation with an opacity mask;

and bark is diffuse + normal + displacement + tesselation
Distance is 10 and Multiplier is 2

The model has 3k quads

1.png 2.png

Honestly, better textures… you can find really good 2k or 4k textures online!

as Lukcecliff said make the texture better and biger try to make it arround 1024x1024 or at least try 512x512 if you 're limited
make the material of the leaves two sided geometry and in the static mesh editor
and avoid using Tesselation and siqplassement and use insted bump offset
and another thing you could do is to add some other leaves

have a good day

You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

You are also welcome … 8-p

  1. use a “foilage material” setup -> foilage shading mode enabled + something connected with SSS
  2. use dynamic lights
  3. high res bark texture with a good normal map -> also add a fuzzy shading effect to your bark
  4. add some more leaves + different ones :slight_smile: