What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

I would love to see a tutorial. I think it’s still useful for certain projects.

Just a quick test, a week of work and a bunch of meshes inside a level. Gonna try to do some kind of open world through level streaming.

so many of these projects look so damned good. Just wondering, how long have people been spending on them?

Can’t believe I’ve missed this thread! So much talent in one place!

This is what I’ve been working on for a past several weekends. Tutorial is coming soon too :slight_smile:

Great work guys! Always motivating to see other people working on their projects!

Crossposting this from our Switch WIP Thread.

Working on the weapon system, so much fun! Yet it never seems to end, you can always do “better”.




The Urban Whale, a serious game prototype:

Bah might as well post this. Here’s the pre-pre-alpha version of VOSI my virtual operating system interface.

Tell me what you think.

Simple Search and Join a session. No UMG.

Procedural dynamic Automatic Landscape Material Set 1 Alpine edition


Shiny shiny new gameplay video for us today :).

Updated my spline based movement system. The player is now able to follow paths through a full 360º.

A single run through the single player version of our VR game CenraSphere (WIP)
CentraShere Unreal forum thread

Playable demo download Automatic landscape materiel

Download and playable demo of my Procedural-dynamic-Automatic-Landscape-Material-Set-1-Alpine in use on a 8192x8192 landscape Map see link to post:


Models for my project:

‘Kamaz’ (hipoly)

SV-98 (lowpoly)

Hi AllexLux, I think that the wood effect is really great! One of more interesting models I’ve seen in years now.

Good luck with your project.

I’d definitely be interested, I think this looks awesome!

Working on some outdoor scenes! Hill by EoinOBroin, on Flickr"] Hill by EoinOBroin, on Flickr by EoinOBroin, on Flickr"] by EoinOBroin, on Flickr

These are beautiful! Really high quality work!

Hello everyone ! I’d like to share a video teaser of game that I am helping to develop !! Hope you all enjoy !!!