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The latest WIP video of my WLA Safeguard Project. Mostyl getting AI more CPU friendly. Not yet full consept to show.

Follow game progress in:
Work in progress timelapse.

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One more with some base building sneak.

[SIZE=13px][SIZE=14px]Follow game progress in:[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Working on a marketplace asset, tweaked some color values and accidentally paid homage to RiME

Hello there!

I and my brother have just released a game for Android ans iOS and we are extremely excited to know your opinion about it. It won’t take much time of yours.

App Store

Play Market

P. S. just be aware you play this game using the smartphone you won’t regret if you break it

Finishing up the blockout of the stun baton for my upcoming marketplace defense pack. =)


@SE_JonF, those look great, nice work man!

Thanks Junfanbl! =)

Just finished up a dark military horror environment setup for an upcoming music video. Here is an ambient tour (which has its own custom ambient music :).

And a screenshot :slight_smile:

High quality stuff, both in the ambient music & visuals!

Gamepad support added to the game. More work need to be done, but overall smooth. Wish gamepad interface is as straight forward as mouse for menu, but its not too bad.

The background is a placeholder. Need a better Background with less contrast, so the UI are more readable.

Hey, thanks very much! Yeah actually my main sound is more EDM-like, but I wanted an ambient track to introduce the environment to people :slight_smile: I might do some ambient packs for the marketplace, perhaps using the stems and blueprints so it can be more dynamic.

That’s a great UI, looks very professional. What kind of game is it? I love snow games like Setsuna :slight_smile:

This is really Impressive stuff. and a very fair price too

Wrapped up the initial texturing of the Stun Baton. All that’s left is the other material variants, then moving on to the next asset. Check out more screens here! =)

Awesome work on that shader @hippowombat
With some amazing assets from the marketplace, and some custom work, got a bit of first gameplay for my game - using Advanced locomotion system package for my base movement, and Clinton Crumpler King wash laundromat for an environment


your work inspiring as usual

my stuff 2.0… nvidia shadowplay still a bit jittery on movement, but it is what it is (shrug)… my take on life and spiritual in small chunks

Preparations for the refactoring of the combat system are in full swing.
We made a small update of the crowd system. Now the behavior of the characters a little more like real.

Game topic here.