What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

New battlefield for Tactical Legends from above. Breathtaking view :slight_smile: 16000 trees btw.


woodcutter edition? :smiley:

Hey everyone,
My name is Dalibor Kamnjanac and first of all I want to thank all of you for making my dream of creating games come true, because without community I won’t be able to make anything.
I’m a one man army, this is my first game, it is called “The Last Tree”, and it is 2D side scroller adventure.
The year is 2092, and the tree called Grut is the last tree on earth, and everybody’s chasing him. He has very special skill - TIME SLOWS DOWN WHEN HE MOVES.
Priority is mobile distribution of this game, Android and iOS platform of course, and I’m currently in progress of making announcement trailer.
Here are some screenshots of the game:

Untitled Project.

3rd person/tactical/rpg(solo Project)

Just wanted to share where i’m at so far.
I have alot created in blender that i have not placed in yet, but the process has been tested and i did place my first attempt on a suit within it, animation/cover system/tactical game play / hit and reaction in place/few Level in place with lighting (but always will be improving as i go) using default character for now and created 5 suits that do work within unreal with the skeleton, that is done within blender…here is just few screenshots to show you little of bit of where i am at…More will be completed soon as i figure out my computer issue(cpu hits 100% followed by shut down) it isn’t just UE4 now, so yeah i will be looking for new pc… but anyways, this is where i was when the problem came into play…
~Oh yeah i do have inventory and Skill system that i bought from market place, i just need to get it working with what i have going so far~






be back shortly, when i get up and going again… Love UE4 keep up the good work

SPECTRA - 3rd person action Sci-Fi rpg.

It isn’t much other than a little sneak peek of what I am going to make the atmosphere in my game look like. Took a few days to make it (Have to make it perfect lol). This is just one hallway in a house I already finished but I can’t show too much :wink:

The game is called Reminiscence. I have only been developing the game for a couple weeks and have most of the mechanics down just need to finish the interior of the house and the landscape around it. I guess you can call it a horror game but is there really anything to be scared of?

Sorry for the slow gameplay, I let my someone who has never used a mouse and keyboard play it.

Check out the level 1, 2 and the special attack from some weapons of our game, Valgard and The Armor of Achilles.

Weapon Sword

Level 1: It shoots one sword per shot.
Level 2: It shoots two swords per shot.
Special: It shoots a wave of swords.

Weapon Hammer

Each hammer drops a bomb at the hit.
Level 1: It shoots one hammer per shot.
Level 2: It shoots one hammer per shot and split in two at the hit.
Special: It shoots simultaneously several indestructible hammers.

If you want to keep up with our work, here are our links.





Project dawn has entered its second month of developing.

Been working on rain particles and ground splashes for Orbit: Weather & Seasons Suite

one gameplay in one month

Finally updated my Weapon Attachment System and Menu.

Been working on this head for a while, I’ve used the Sparrow example eye for now. will swap it out once i’ve got the model ready


Made it so weather effects (snow buildup, rain wetness) don’t occur under covered areas.

Thanks @RyanB for being such an awesome source of information!

Looking good, but that head bob is irritating. No one walks like that.

Cool rain @hippowombat. =)

Thank you! I’m a big fan of yours, your sci-fi assets are extremely impressive :slight_smile:

Thanks! Likewise for your weather system. Can’t wait for it to be released. =)