What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Shameless cross posting :stuck_out_tongue:

The model looks pretty good, but the wood is lacking. I would try and redo the wood, and make it less saturated.

Pretty cool idea for a game, play a graffiti writer!

Any chance you could dive into Medieval material and model making? Some sick stone walls and tileable wood floors are always nice. Or something similar to the BumpingPub pack from the market place …

First tests with World Machine in UE4 :slight_smile: Landscape Test by Eoin O’Broin, on Flickr"] Landscape Test by Eoin O’Broin, on Flickr
A walk through a village

Hey Unit23! Medieval/Fantasy is something I’m very interested in doing. I want to get the SciFi series to a good place before I undertake that, but it is definitely in the cards. =)


Not much to reveal about this just yet. Got a little bit more progress to make in terms of the AI before I talk about it.

How’d I do for creepy?

Thanks, the idea was to make a multiplayer graffiti experience (Would make a nice VR experience too), I dropped the idea because I couldn’t optimise it enough for large fully painted scenes (this was one of my first projects)…I’ve figured a way to massively increase how much paint can be added now so might give it another try. :slight_smile:

Working on planetary lighting and spacecraft cockpit. Shameless cross-post from our dev thread !

Here is the first trailer of Valgard and The Armor of Achilles.
Hope you all enjoy, and please give us your feedback.

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Latest work in progress video showing bit civ AI and anims:

Playing around with a mesh voxelizer function I threw together today

If you don’t post a video of the “Explode at loc” I will be very sad.

More work on Materials & Decals. Check out the rest here!


Working on some Car Viz, next step will be to add some Interactivity(Mat Change, different Enviroments)


@Shirk, I plan on redoing it in the future :smiley:

@EoinOBroin, wow that’s amazing, how was the sky done??

@DominicBauer, cool! How are you lighting it, using a HDRI?

So I wanted to try out a new modeling workflow in Modo ala Tor Frick, and get to know Substance Painter better:

Left = UE4(…that texture compression kills the quality), Right = Substance Painter

playing in the snow!


Refurbished Cubinator V2 with scanner. That was complicated for me, tried so many different stuff, but that works fine.

Just updated my melee combat system. Added counter attack system