What are you watching now?

Dan plays Hellblade (PC)

V for Vendetta.The best movie for ever to me.

Game of thrones. This is my favorite series

Nothing trumps Game of Thrones :slight_smile:

Game of thrones.:cool:

Game of thrones too

Yeah i join the GoT hype… sadly we have to wait for the new season.

Im not verified to post, will this ever end?

The Suits, season 7

Hunger Games

The Dark Knight.

I watched the black mirror vr gaming episode on netflix. Its se3.2 if your interested in horror game dev shows. It reminds me of alfred hitchcock/bradbury/twilight zone. Someone sent me a text saying look for the episode.
it scared the bejeeezus out of me. Im not a huge horror fan, but im hooked on the series now. Some of the episodes are too trippy.

The whole of ‘Black-Mirror’ Season-3 was great.
Don’t think there were any weak episodes there.

Planet of the Apes. Superb!

This thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am I’m thrilled with Stranger Things.
I recommend!

War for the Planet of the Apes. Great movie indeed.

No Country for Old Men. Just a really tight, well controlled movie. The acting, cinematography, action, and pacing are all great, without being gratuitous. Plus I’m a sucker for Cormac McCarthy’s writing. Here I found it in high quality

Suits Season 3 by Netflix, I highly recommend this show to everyone.