What are unreal engine c++ programming prerequisites?

I am a c++ programmer and I love game programming. I want to programming in unreal engine. I want to know what are
prerequisites for me? should I be familiar with lighting, creating material, post processing and other things in unreal engine? please tell me how can I be a professional c++ programmer in unreal engine?

Hi and welcome to UE4. Its a great engine that you will enjoy to work with.

Here’s a great place to start: Programming with C++ | Unreal Engine Documentation – this will give you a really good overview of specific UE4 programming.

Also, check this out: Development Setup | Unreal Engine Documentation – This will help you setup Visual Studio.

Finally, refer to the documentation often, it will be your friend. They have tons of tutorials on the Wiki and also youtube. Hope this helps… if it does, please mark resolved.