What are the plans for EQS?

Hi Unreal,

We are currently considering to use the Environment Query System (EQS). In UE 4.10 this feature is still experimental and hidden by default in the editor. Could you give us some insight into what the ‘experimental’ tag actually means and what the (near) future plans are for EQS. How stable do you expect the API to be and do you expect EQS to be supported for at least the coming year?

Thanks in advance.

It’s already been in the engine for a significant amount of time. A year maybe? Probably more. I’d say it’s fairly stable. I’m no epic staff member, though.

Sounds promising. Can someone from @Epic confirm this?

Mieszko has said in the past that it’s really only still in experimental status because he hasn’t had time to work on the editor interface side of things, so it’s still far from user friendly in many ways. The core of the system itself though is not likely to change much and will definitely become/remain a supported part of the engine.

More than a year and 5 versions later it’s still experimental. Can we just make it official? It seems to be as production ready as any other feature in the engine.