What are the patches of black arrows in my VR Game

Hi, I am currently working on my major project for university, and have chosen to attempt to make a VR game for the Samsung Gear VR, so far I have set up the basics just to get it all to work with the Gear VR and the return to global menu etc.
Today I added a A.I character and added the animations, I added the nav mesh volume etc and set the walk speed of the character and everything seemed ok, however, after a few more tweeks and a few more launches to test it on the Gear VR, now in patches I am seeing small black triangles or arrows in certain places and I am unsure what it might be.

This is what I am seeing as I looking around, its patchy and doesn’t always show ?

Looks like a shader related issue. Did you change any quality settings/rendering option in your project? If you start with a brand new project for Mobile/Tablet with Scalable 2D/3D settings does it still do it?

Hi thanks for reply, no I haven’t changed any settings, this project is already setup with 2D/3D scaler settings, everything was working fine, numerous launches as I was testing the speed at which my character moved towards me etc, then all of a sudden, out of the blue these triangle black patches started to appear and I have no idea why?
I am hoping to avoid having to start all again!

Hi, thanks again for advice, I ended up starting a fresh, so far it is not happening again.

Does it happen also in a brand new project with the same settings? If not, you can always migrate your level to your fresh project using the Migrate… function on the Level. All dependencies will be carried along and you don’t have to restart from scratch.