What are the limitations of landscape materials?

I’ve created a material with 4 layers, and 3 textures per layer, and everything works fine until I try to use all 4 layers on the same component, which switches the component to the default gray-checkered texture.

My assumption is that I’m throwing too many textures at it, so what are the actual limitations?

Would be nice if the docs mentioned this under landscape materials, unless it’s me doing something wrong ofcourse.

Same problem here. Any ideas how to go around it?

I think it should be able to handle that many , haven’t tried yet , it depends on directX propably .
In udk ( dx9 ) i’ve been able to use 3 layers ( each with diffuse , specular , normal ) which gave 9 texture samples .
If you are using 12 ,it should be able to handle that many .
I am gonna check number of layers on my landscape soon .

Tried using 4 layers , 4th one does not appear in paint mode :confused:

Found out there is setting to change max layers per component , just click on your landscape and in the right menu with settings change Max painted layers per component from 3 to 4 that should do it .

ha, didn’t expect that. Thanks a lot!

That’s not the problem I’m having, I can use more layers just fine, yes, but I seem to be running into a limitation in the material with regards to the number of texture samplers used. From my own experimentation, I can use 11 texture samplers in the landscape material, with 12 I get the undefined checker texture.

This suggests to me that UE uses 5 texture samplers for landscapes internally, which seems like a lot.

I too would like to know the limitations. I have run into the checker board texture. This really seems like something that should be in the documentation. I am new to UE4, never touched UE3. So, I don’t have a clue. I would like to stop wasting my time guessing/trying to figure out the problem.

Or for lighting, or for shadows, or for environment effects, or for other such things :slight_smile:
UE4 also uses a texture for the actual height values of the block, as per the documentation.