What are the in-engine tools for CPU and GPU profiling?

What are the in-engine tools for CPU and GPU profiling? The console commands I have found are PROFILEGPU and all the STAT commands (UEngine::HandleStatCommand()). Are there any other in-game tools being used for CPU and GPU profiling?


You can find the CPU profiling tool as a tab in the Session Frontend window. This can be opened from the Window/Session Frontend menu item. The GPU profiler is current just the PROFILEGPU command.

What about tools to use without the editor on the test build? I want my profilings to be done without all the resources used by the editor.

ctrl + shift + comma this is going to be your friend in engine. This command will bring up the the GPU Visualizer and allow you to see what exactly your game is doing on the GPU. As for CPU I am not sure at the moment there a few console commands within the STAT list but that is about it.

You can access the Session Frontend from within UnrealFrontend, which is a standalone application that is much more light-weight than the Editor. You can even run Editor and UnrealFrontend on another computer and profile your game over the network. You can find UnrealFrontend in the Binaries folder.

You can also make stat captures of a running game without the editor being open.

Run “stat startfile” in the console to start profiling and “stat stopfile” to stop. This should save a file to Saved/Profiling. Then you can open that file from the profiler tab in the session frontend.

I’d also like to know about this for GPU profiling (CPU profiling can be done without the editor open via the UnrealFrontend). I’ve asked it in a separate question here:

ctrl + shift + comma doesn’t bring up the gpu visualizer. Anyone have insight into this? Works fine from within the editor but on any packaged build I am unable to see gpu timings via interface. BTW I am using 4.12.0 Preview 4

“Stat Game” for CPU Profiling

Ctrl + Shift + Comma for GPU Profiling