What are the differences between setting up UI in top down vs first person?

Hello everyone.
I have tried following this guide here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/UMG/QuickStart/1/index.html
however when I get to the step where I start placing things in the graph, it gives me the error that EXEC is not compatible with the CreateWidget option. Am I doing something wrong? Also, what other things differ from the guide if I am doing top-down?

I have a feeling that you are trying to pull a string from the white triangle to the Class pin on the CreateWidget. White goes in the white!
If this is not the case, could you share a picture about your blueprint, with the Error message?

And for your other question: It shouldn’t matter for the widget if it is first person or top-down view!

I’m getting two problems now, one is that the add to viewport node doesn’t seem to even exist anymore, and that I cannot add another “event beginplay” node either.

Yes, you can’t add more BeginPlay. In Unreal Engine the order of commands is very important. If you could make more, than the engine wouldn’t know which one has to be done first. Whatever you would like to do at the 2nd one, just put at the end of the first one, and that’ll do.

The Viewport thing is a bit tricky, if you read carefully the 13. in the tutorial, it writes that you have to drag out a string from that pin and release it at a black space. In the pop-up menu you’ll be able to find the AddToViewport node.

Btw, the Epic guys made some very cool and useful video tutorials too. I’d recommend following those instead of the written ones, but keep up the spirit!

For learning how widgets work, I’d recommend this tutorial about networking. It gets hard later on, but at the start it shows pretty much every basic knowledge that you’d need with the widgets.

I feel so dumb now.

Okay so I’m trying to make a pause menu and I am on step 8 of this https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/UMG/QuickStart/5/index.html I feel really dumb about this sorry if it’s obvious.

And which part you couldn’t do?

I couldn’t place the GetHUDReference node thingy, like I couldn’t find it at all even when unchecking the context sensitive box.