What are some good inexpensive specs for running UE4?

I’m going to be building a new PC to run UE4 properly and efficiently and am looking at the specs I would need to run it that way. I’m looking
for specs which are affordable and can run UE4 smoothly.

Post your specs and possibly recommend good & inexpensive graphic cards? :slight_smile:

My budget is anywhere between $300-$500

I’m only looking at main components such as motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, and RAM. I’ll also probably pick up an SSD later on but for now would use a normal HDD (I have plenty).

My video card is currently a ASUS GTX 660 ti, and it gets the job done, obviously within limits, but for the most part works great. For a processor I have the Intel i5 4670k, and it also works great (you could go cheaper than this though and still get good results).

For more details on what people use, see this thread, it has a list of UE4 users hardware specs:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Also take a look at this wiki page:

I use a MSI GTX 650 Ti Boost and recommend it if you are looking for something lower priced that works well with UE4. I get an average of 60 fps on the elemental demo and as low as 30 fps on the most graphically intense parts of the demo. By the way, you can take a look at this page to get an idea of how well graphics cards perform compared to each other.

Thanks for the answers, still looking for more. Also the Compatibility thread is not very helpful as I don’t know which are the expensive rigs and which aren’t.

You need to define “inexpensive” so that people know what to suggest. What is your budget?

I’d recommend a AMD 6-core AM3+ CPU for $120, a $60 motherboard to support it, a $140 pair of 8GB DIMMS (so 16 GB total) and a $150 GTX 750 Ti graphics card. Add a $75 128G HyperX SSD and a $50 power supply and a $50 box and you’re good to go for a total of $650 or so. If you have slightly more budget, look for a 760 and then a 770 graphics card, then a bigger SSD, then Intel instead of AMD, in that order.

This is assuming you either run Linux (bleeding edge) or, more likely, have a copy of Windows that you can re-use. Else you’ll have to add one of those, which adds to the cost. (You may be able to look into the BizSpark program to get cheaper Windows and Visual Studio tools, if that’s still going.)

Some people will say a 120 GB SSD is “not enough,” but if your main thing is surfing the web and running UE4, then it’s fine, and SSD is much, much better than spinny disks, so well worth the sacrifice. If you do lots of torrents, video editing, installing big games, and file hoarding, then 120 GB is obviously not enough; perhaps add a secondary spinny drive for bulk media?

I’ll update the main post as well: My budget is anywhere between $300-$500

I’m only looking at main components such as motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, and RAM. I’ll also probably pick up an SSD later on but for now would use a normal HDD (I have plenty).

Hey thanks. How well does the GTX 750 Ti card perform for UE4? Average FPS?

When UE4 came out and back all through UDK I used:

12gb RAM
i7-930 CPU
HD 7970 GPU

Even though they’re old, especially the CPU and lacking RAM I had no problems with UE4 at all, the FPS were fine and the engine ran smooth so you could certainly build something cheap and get a great experience. I’ve since upgraded CPU and RAM as I found 12gb to be lacking when I want to use more than two heavy softwares at once, but it was definitely enough for UE4, I now run 32gb ram and a 4930k for better multitasking and RAM disk. The HD 7970 or similar is about 2 years old now and should be rather cheap I assume. It performs very well and I see no reason to upgrade it in quite a while.

While an SSD is great, I wouldn’t say it’s going to give you it’ll just speed things up, such as booting, loading and saving but if a 120gb is all you can afford you’re better off buying a larger HDD so you have enough for storage, possibly a smaller SSD to use only for OS and then a decent size HDD for storage purposes and softwares. If you can afford a 120gb and have some extra left I’d say the best option would be buying that(for OS and important softwares) and as big of a regular HDD as you can afford. When making games storage dwindles quickly.

Dont get a AMD 6 or 8 Core, they are somewhat slow in games and a waste of money.
For example the elemental demo uses only 3 cores.

Here is a cpu benchmark which includes following games:
Anno2070, Battlefield4, Crysis3, F1 2013, Starcraft2, Skyrim
As you see here an i3 4330 beats every AMD cpu except the 9590.

Intel has a much better architecture, and a much better per core performance,
and they have a lower TDP.

I use the nVidia 750 Ti. It replaced a 480GTX that was overheating when developing with UE4. It has worked great for me and at $150 I don’t think the price per performance can be beat.

Can you guys post the FPS you are getting with the Engine? 30FPS doesn’t exactly cut it for me as I see it getting lower on intensive scenes. I’m looking at 45 FPS while using the Engine, even in intense scenes .

So long as it is not overly cluttered and doesn’t use dynamic lights/materials, I get ~60fps in game, but I would say 40fps is more than doable for me in a large scene, it possibly could go higher but I have v-sync locked at 60. And the latest build 4.3 has increased the performance dramatically +20fps for me. Regular editor usage it runs at 120fps, dipping down to the 80’s in some areas.

ASUS GTX 660 ti (I recommend getting a better one than this if you can afford it, but it does work)
Intel i5 4670k @4.2ghz
SSD hard drives

I’m really considering the nVidia 750 Ti. I have seen some UE4 benchmark videos and it performs well, and $175 is a nice price for it.

Is the card worth using for UE4?

Which version of the card would be better?


It seems the asus card has a bit faster core clock speed and it’s longer but it also costs less.

Go with Asus. It has better cooling too, and you will run UE4 very easily with a GTX 750Ti.

Yeah a 750ti will work for you, I personally love ASUS stuff, but my last card was an EVGA… Both work great, I like my ASUS a bit more though (as Jacky says, the cooling is much better, 2 fans and thermal heat pipes on the distributor on mine, no need for extra cooling unless you overclock).

Also if you are in Canada (those links looked Canadian, start with ca…) have a look through this site, this is where I buy all my stuff, great prices and great service. (you could also try, but ncix has better service imho)

If you’re in the USA I think they also have a us site up as well.

What about something like the AMD A10-6790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor?

Thanks, it seems they have the best price for the ASUS one.

I’ll be most likely buying the 750 Ti, no doubt. Very good for it’s price.

I’m also considering the AMD A10-6790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor or the AMD A8. Which would work well with UE4? Are there better ones?

I have never used an AMD processor, not to say it doesn’t have it’s merits, I am just partial to Intel. The clock speed is higher than an equivalent Intel chip, but the L1/L2 cache is a bit lower, and doesn’t have a L3 cache, and it is hyper-threaded, meaning there are 2 physical cores and 2 virtual ones (at least that is how some of their chips are, not 100% sure on this, it says 4 cores, but also says it uses virtualization, you would have to look into it more to find out for sure sorry).

So if the price for Intel’s chips are too high for your budget, I don’t see any technical reason for it to not work, it more comes down to how well it will work with it. I don’t see the 6790k on the list there, not sure if it means it is below all of those chips or if the list just didn’t include it. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, and you can always upgrade the chip later on. So just go with the best you can afford.