What are peoples favorite painting software that they use alongside unreal engine?

Hello everyone! I was wondering what are you all using for painting and maybe by sharing it we get to know other software!

Quixel, Substance Painter, Gimp, but i am no texture artist, i have those apps because i want to learn them.

Substance and Photoshop

I love substance painter. I did 99,9 textures with it (but texturing is my hobby only, im not pro) As “2d” software im using gimp.

Albedo textures: zbrush
Data channels like roughness/spec/masks/etc: substance
Everything else: photoshop

Besides the usual ones, I am dumping photoshop and learning Krita: Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.

I was actually going to mention Krita as well because I use it from time to time. I like the normal painting modes and being able to put it on directional so that you can paint things like flow maps.

@IronicParadox @bi was wondering if Krita had any useful features for tablets? Also, would you say it is a software worth switching?

Switching? You don’t need to switch. it’s free. I’ve been using krita for a long time. Everything for gimp can be directly sent into Krita. Brushes, vectors, and stamps.
Just drag and drop it in the directory you want.
There is touchscreen support. I never used it though. I have the drawing pad.
The only thing is it doesnt generate normal maps, but Gimp does with normal map generator, and insane bump. Gimp, and Krita go extremely well together.
I’m extremely partial to Linux, Krita, and Gimp. These 3 softwares. They’ve been close to me for over 15 years, and easy to learn.

>Clip Studio
$50 perpetual vs photoshop $30/month - the choice is easy really.
>Substance Painter

Any 2D Digital painting software is good, including Krita, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint and etc.