what about SeparateTranslucency


I wish to get more informations about SeparateTranslucency tag in Material Editor.
In fact the wiki says “SeparateTranslucency does not work.”
I tried to know when will it be corrected, so I checked the roadmap to find the task, and it status. But still no way to find out.

I hope someone can give me more informations. Or an advice to solve my problem.
Currently Widget Blueprint are still in beta, so I want to avoid it for now. I made my own GUI widget but the object is affected by Post Process, trying to check “used with UI”, and “SeparateTranslucency” in Material Editor.
I guess the only way is to use Widget Blueprints or making my own rendering pass (this solution requires to much time I think).

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:

Well, if there is no straight forward way to do it you might be able to mask it in your post process material by using the CustomDepth pass or the DecalMask pass. But i don’t know what kind of objects you use and if the tickboxes are available for that. Another downside is that you can’t use the masks for other things anymore. I made a thread here concerning a custom masks feature request here: Masks - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you for your answer.
Yes I could have use the custom depth or decal mask, but both are already used (need a crease effect).
For many reasons I fall back to the solution of Custom GBuffer. I mean this kind of feature could be really usefull to make tons of different things. I wish Epic will think about it :slight_smile:

Maybe I mistaken but I think there was this kind of feature in UE 3 (something like custom tag buffer)

About G Buffer there is a post here :

I tried to adapt this code for UE 4.7 but its seems to complicated for me.
I guess I have to swith to UE 4.8…

According to me custom G buffer is a provisory solution, concerning translucency issue.