What A Lovely Day! - realtime facial animation test

What A Lovely Day!:slight_smile: Our first realtime facial animation test in Unreal 4 based on photogrammetry data from our home rig. Design based loosely on Mad Max War Boys.
Instead of doing what regular couples do, we went crazy and built our own photogrammetry rig at home. After capturing every facial expression known to man (and some!), we are now researching ways of making it all work in realtime. Still long way ahead of us but we’ll get there! Stay tuned

Wow, that is truly terrifying!! Love it!! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Chris Cunningham’s work

and how you made it?

Wow! Very impressive, what program did you use? I’m assuming several lol.

“Hiyah! Hiyah! Hiyah!!” Very cool!

Wow, that’s cool man. We want to learn more about that rig and shader! :smiley:

Looks pretty nice! Would love to see a breakdown of some kind! :slight_smile:

That’s pretty dang cool man!

I’d love to hear more details of the setup, OP.

Looks fantastic :slight_smile:

Dayum, that’s cool! Have you made any further updates? Would love to see how it’s progressed!

hi izabela this is fantastic can u give tutorial how to link curve