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Games hasn’t been released yet, DLC concepts announced.

At least COD developers wait until the game is released to bleed you dry.

~ Jason

On a serious note, this is just disgusting.

If this isn’t proof that the devs are purposely keeping the game unfinished so you buy the DLC I don’t know what is
(the game probably hasn’t finished development, but they’re already focusing on DLC).

The worst part…the game will sell by the bucket-load.

~ Jason

That DLC is free, for everyone. If you preorder then you get it a week before everyone else. They’re keeping it separate because it’s related to the new movie and they don’t want to reveal too much about the movie before it’s released.

Sad… That this is were it is going. :frowning:

P.S. Jason, your PM is full!

Even so.

The game isn’t out.

Focusing on DLC before the game is even out is why EA games have a horrible track record as of late.

It’s like they don’t even care.

Why not just push the game back a bit to coincide with the movie?

I do get what you’re saying though, it’s just that it upsets me that they’re not even hyping Battlefront, they’re trying to get you to buy the game so you can get the cool DLC that should just be part of the game.

~ Jason

I just cleaned out my inbox though.

~ Jason

It’s already part of the game, they’re delaying it so that it encourages people to preorder. You still get the DLC either way. They’re not doing anything wrong, what are you upset about?

I think it’s just stupid to do that anyway.
I’ve always wanted everyone to get the same experience.

But that’s just my 2cents!

Everyone gets the same experience, if you preorder you just get it a week earlier, which is a very small amount of time and you don’t have to even pay extra money for.

If it’s free, then I don’t really care. What I’m really worried about is that they’ll ‘Battlefield’ the game, making it cost over £100 for the whole thing and fragmenting the player base into groups of people who have different combinations of X,Y,Z DLC :confused:

That was one of the reasons I couldn’t play BF4. Bought the game, then couldn’t find a single server that didn’t require one of about 10 different DLCs since they were in the rotation.

They will definitely have paid DLC in the future, but they haven’t talked about that, I’m sure they’re at a position where they’re just working hard just to get the game out and working well

This is just EA becoming more and more disgusting.

See now I think this is my major problem.

It’s not necessarily aimed at Battlefront, it’s just that this announcement proves that EA either:

A) Has learned nothing


B) Doesn’t care

I’m going with both.

~ Jason

I’m pretty sure EA have learnt that they can pull that kind of ****, sell millions of copies, then sell millions more in DLC to people who suddenly found themselves unable to get into a multiplayer game without it.

On a different note - Battlefront won’t have server browsers. Just a “skill based matchmaking” system.

For my part, the lack of dedicated servers (and thus no custom rules, mods etc) and now the info that there won’t even be a server browser makes me reluctant to try the game.

I find match making systems to result in a horrible, toxic community (think League of Legends) that I don’t want any part of.

Yeah, that news has clinched it for me, it’s now a no-buy. You don’t form communities around games that don’t provide the means to support them, and as a result the environment is usually toxic and ******.

Well, it’s up to the community to stop this from happening, unfortunately lots of the gamers AKA “Drones” don’t really care about what these companies are doing :frowning:

It also depends on how important those features actually are in the first place. For example, people have complained about the lack of a single player campaign, yet in most games the number of people that actually get all that far in the game is a very low percentage.

Then I guess they arn’t up to the challenge then!