weired "shadow" on static mesh


it´s me again :wink:

i got an old road-mesh ( in the first person template) with an sbsar on it…
the most areas of this road are ok in the play-modus,
but there are some areas, on which are “shadow/dark” - parts.

there are no buildings around, which could cast this shadow/dark - parts:

what can i do, to eliminate these dark areas?

tweaking the light??

thanks a lot or an answer
a happy christmas for all!!


First step: post pictures.

sorry… here it is:

and as i now see in my scene, there are road - areas in near of buildings, which are casting no shadows at all on the road…

the complete shadow emission is weired…

Is your road CSG brush or static mesh? If its CSG edit this surface shadow/light resolution. For it you need to select surface, press F5 (if stil works, or right mouse click), there should be menu with parameters of this surface. For static mesh you need to make lightmap uvs and set its resolution to one that shows shadows you like.

And shadow emission is not weird, i think Unreal has like 3 or 4 of different shadow systems, and depending how you set your actors some will kick in some not, on first glance it looks like unreal cannot decide how shadows work. But it is you who cannot decide how to setup shadows.

Some shadows doc:

And make sure that surface has lightmap resolution set correctly.

hi Nawrot,

my meshes are all static meshes.

i´m an absolute UE-noob… and i never heard about lightmaps…
must i build this lightmap in maya, allegorithmic or in ue?

and learning how to build an lightmap, is this link good for?

Hi Loopon,

This is absolutely a great tutorial. I would also recommend checking out the rest of the series (some videos and written) over at

I recommend this site often for novice and experienced devs alike when there are lightmapping issues.

Feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck. I don’t mind helping you get things sorted out. :slight_smile:


hi Tim,

thats very kind!