weird warping issues.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with my textures? Why is it warping in Unreal but not the other software?

Something weird is going on with unreal. It requires extra edges near the corners or mark seam to prevent it from pulling/pushing the textures.

If it was due to some settings in Unreal, please assist in giving me some hints.

can you show a wireframe and UV layout?

Thanks for the help. Here are the images.

that speaks volumes really. in general for non-organic meshes with such straight lines you’ll want your UVs to also be straight, or you’re going to have deformation anyway.
enabling high precision UVs in the mesh options inside UE4 might help a bit, but in general this is just not a properly topologized mesh and UVs

If it were stretching textures or rounded corners due to bad UV topo, i could understand what was the issue. Pardon me for my ignorance but baking has already determine the location of the texture in that UV space. The issue now is warped texturing, which shouldnt have happened. There are simply no other vertices within that mesh region causing that. Even blender is rendering it correct as seen in 3d coat or iclone. I have tried the high precision UV in the mesh options but that didnt help in this case. this just reminded me how much i hate blender

I think i have found out the reason for this. It was due to how unreal triangulated quads. Certain angles of triangulation in unreal == bad for sharp corners.
" \ " == bad.
"/ " == ok.

i will do more tests and see if this could be overcome.

Did you try changing the angle threshold for cuts in the UV mesh generation dialog in UE mesh editor? I have difficulty understanding what angles to use for what meshes because it seems like it’s either going to cut it too much or not enough.

Definitely triangulate your models before baking/texturing/importing.

presto423 : The UV mesh generation is seriously, i cant make sense of it. How to paint or texture the obj in unreal? the unwrap is all over the place. Pretty fragmented if you ask me. It would be less painful just to use an external unwrapping tool for the obj.

ZacD : I hope i dont have to. triangles are harder to manage if i screw up somewhere during the process which happens a lot for 3d coat.

Just put a triangulate modifier on the stack in Blender. That’s what I do.

You need to triangulate your model before exporting to any application, always. Otherwise you are just rolling the dice and praying whatever application you are importing it to is going to triangulate it the “right” way.

Thanks guys for all the help. Message received! “Triangulate before sending it over!”.