Weird Trails on Particles UE5


I am getting weird lingering trails in my particles when I move my camera around in the scene or during play mode. The particles in the posted image are static circles that barely move.

This behaviour is happening in every particles system. None of the skeletal meshes or other moving meshes seem to have this issue.

I’m using UE5 with Lumen enabled. I’ve already tried to toggle motion blur but it seems to make no difference.

Any help is appreciated

I’ve tracked down the issue that is causing this behaviour.

UE5 comes with Temporal Super Resolution option in their Anti-aliasing options. This is supposed to make Anti-aliasing nicer for highly detailed meshes.

It does work, however it creates artifacts in objects such as particles. Disabling this option fixed my problem. It is a nice setting, but I guess we will have to wait until it’s less buggy.

Hope this helps someone in future.


I’m having the same issue thanks for the solution it worked for me too.

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Yeah it’s a tricky one. Theoretically Temporal Super Resolution is what you want to use with nanite meshes. I haven’t checked recently, but was it not resolved in the newer UE5?