Weird Time dilation behaviour

So basically playing around in vr with unreal 4.20 and wanted to clean up some plugins im not even planning to use like apple move player and that stuff, after restarting i started i getting weird time dilation behavious like, when i click on simulation and let like a ragdoll fall it looks completly normal, in preview it plays half the speed, when i set time dilation to 2 on begin play in gamemode for example it works fine in preview but is to fast in simulation, in packaged build it all goes to crap, the timedilation command doesnt seem to have any effect, also the standalone only plays with 24 fps. makes me think maybe the time is (why ever) based on fps, but whats the reason for the huge fps drop to packaged build anyway? maybe i deactivated an importen timecode plugin by accident but i tried to look everything up, started a new project and i couldnt find anything obvious… does anybody else had that problem before?

also when i hit vr preview (i got some moving elevators in the level) i can see them in normal speed (the same as simulation speed) when i only put my hand infront of the oculus sensor which turns it on i can see the time instantly slowing down

well apperently i fixed the problem it wasnt because i disabled a plugin, it was because apperently ue4 doesnt like setting the render to fixed 90 frames and then not reaching them anymore, packaging a build and testing if the fps problem im packaged build still is there

so the bad performance is not fixed by that but the time dilation