Weird shadows

Hello I have some trouble with lighting and shadows.

I can’t find solution to tweak the following issue;
Everything you can see in the screenshots … this happens after I build and lunch projects.
This is made on default First Person template with EPIC setting in AUTO (I have gtx 780).

The second case is light in completely dark places, you can see it in 5th and 6th screenshot.
Red lines show areas about I believe should be dark.

Materials on meshes are simply from 3dsmax /no reflections , no normals only diff/

Thanks for help for UEnoob : )

You need to increase the lightmap resolution of those meshes. You can do that in static mesh editor when you open the meshes in content browser.

Exactly what it was.

Thank You Jacky.

it could also be the distancefield “resolution” of the meshes casting the shadow if you are using those, you can increase that in the static mesh editor of the relevant meshes.

Those are limitations of directional stationary lights, the shadows you see are designed to be viewed at distance. you might want go set dynamic cascaded shadows radius in light properties, this will enable dynamic shadows to be generated around your player for both static and dynamic objects.

It’s low-resolution lightmaps. Nothing to do with dynamic lighting or distance field shadows. When a lightmap is too low resolution it looks blobby like that because the pixels are huge.