Weird Shadow reflection on UE5 water plugin

Hey guys,
I am still relatively new to Unreal Engine and while creating my Environment and adding water to it using the UE5 water plugin, I have noticed while my camera is zoomed out the shadow looks normal on the water surface, but when I zoom in on the mesh the shadow starts breaking up looking pretty bad.

And that only happens on shadows that are emitting on surface of the Water , using the UE5 lake plugin.

For example:
I created a new scene to further troubleshoot my problem and the issue is still the same:

Lighting used is the default directional light

Zoomed out Cam:

Zoomed in Cam:

I tried tweaking lots of settings in both the water system and the directional light, with no improvement what so ever, so can any Vet help a fellow Newbie out ?

Cheers !

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Looks like conspiracy theory to me. I have that issue since i’ve started to learn UE5 and since then not a single answer on that particular topic. If you found any way to fix that plz let me know.

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are you using lowered engine scalability settings. Atleast for me those kinda reflections only happen when turning the scalability in the editor to medium or low