Weird reflections

Hi everyone,

I am assembling a scene and I have a strange result on some reflection as you can see on those screenshots.
The first is my mesh in the scene with lighting, the second is when I open the mesh.

No issues when I open the mesh, but in scene, well you can see…

If anyone has an idea, you’d save me because I really don’t have any.

Thanks a lot

I’m not sure what you mean, looks like reflections are correct based off how the mesh has been split up.

Well the dark left eye is not really correct don’t you think?
If you look at the first screenshot, the reflection is somewhat uniform through the all face.
On the second, it’s like all parts don’t get the same light and reflect something else…
Maybe it’s a lighting issue but the rest of the scene is clean so it seems unlikely I think

The reflections look fine, but if you’re talking about how each piece looks like a different color, that looks to me like you’re baking lighting on it and it doesn’t have lightmaps set up properly. I’m guessing this is a character model so it shouldn’t be using baked lighting in which case it will look like the first image as long as you aren’t using it as a static mesh.

It was imported as an fbx, so a static mesh, there’s no animation to it. From what I’ve seen, lightmaps are based on the UV mapping that I did in Maya and it was clean.
How should I import it for it not to be a static mesh?

I’m sorry I’m quite the beginner in Unreal…

It needs to be rigged for animation and imported as a skeletal mesh.

If you want to do lightmapping you need good lightmap UV’s and you need to adjust the lightmap resolution for each part.

And I have to do that in Maya I suppose

Can it be because I have multiple materials on that character?

Do the materials have differing color values for base color or specular / metallic / roughness? If so, it would certainly not be uniform reflectivity in color or texture appearance in the open mesh preview since that preview uses dynamic lighting, not baked. The picture with the sky in the background looks correct. The other picture is inside a building, it appears, and has variance in smoothness and reflectivity per face part. Is it intentional somehow? or was it simply separate UV mapping done in Maya to get correct lighting?

No, and reflections look fine to me unless the eyes arent supposed to be black

So I actually separated my mesh in order to have one mesh per material, and it worked perfectly, the all face is suppose to have only one color but it seems like the lightmaps were overlapping or something like that.
Thanks everyone for the help