Weird Reflection

As shown here, I have only 1 light source in the room. However, when I placed a Sphere Reflection Capture actor in the room, it shows another light reflection as in the picture above. That reflection does not belong to my single light source and there is no other light source ( even the sky etc ) at the moment. I literally have 1 light source in my level at the moment and it is showing me 2 light reflection ( 1st belongs to my light source and reflects correctly, the 2nd one is the voodoo one ). Also, it is worth mentioning that that “weird” reflection will move as I move my camera. Would any one has any idea what’s going on ?

Probably the first reflection that you see is sphere reflection capture capturing your light source and the second one is a specular reflection from the light source.
If your room is a rectangle, you can use box reflection capture instead of sphere reflection capture and make its size match the room, this should give more correct parallax reflection. Both reflections will be visible, but they will be lined up so it should be less noticeable.
Alternatively you can turn off specular reflection in the details panel of your light source, this will make only one lower quality reflection visible. Although it is not an ideal solution.

Many thanks for your response ! It worked that I turned down the Specular Reflection. Out of curiosity, while I had the Specular Reflection down to 0, I also do not want the point light to reflect to the glass as shown in this picture. In any chance, would you know what should I try in order to solve this problem ?

This should be the specular scale too, every light have this specular scale in it´s ligh settings. With specular scale at zero, it should not be visible as a dot in any reflections. Have you rebuilt your reflection captures?

Just so you know, point lights have a source length that lets you elongate the light so that it looks like a fluorescent tube in reflections…

I totally forgot about that =)) ty for the info !

I did. The reflection on the floor is gone while the reflection on the glass is still there. Well, I can stretch out the source length to match the length of the mesh but having a voodoo reflection like that is indeed abit annoying

Thats weird, if it´s gone on the floor, it also should be gone for every other reflection o.O That window… is that a planar reflection? For now, the only thing i could find is quite old, but it says:

What happens, if you set them to dynamic or moveable?

Also, does this happen with other light types too? If you for example replace one of the lights with a RectLight (set specular scale to zero), does it get caught too?

After further inspection, I’ve come to realised that the light which has a voodoo reflection belongs to a light blueprint. So I guess I might gona have to dig into that.
Vanilla light has no problem though, specular scale down to 0 and no more reflection. Although, the blueprint only contains one light source which is the one that I edited the specular scale value so it shouldn’t be an exception ?

Yeah, try to edit the light directly into the blueprint, so that is is there already with specular scale set to zero. Not that it spawns with specular 1 and somehow always refers to that value. Or just replace all those lights with normal lights ^.^ might be easier, if that blueprint just have this light in it, and no special or important funtion.