Weird problem with vector length between Headset and controllers

I iam trying to create a movement blueprint for quest 2 where you fly in the direction you point the controllers and control the speed with how far the controllers are from your body / how far you stretch your arms (superman kind of) . So I get the vector length from controllers and movementpawn root, however when i stretch my arms all the way I print a string at around 1050, if I turn 180 degrees and do the same I print a string of 950. I cant seem to understand where the 100 unit difference comes from. as if the root is not centered in local location or something. I also tried adding a sphere at 0,0,0 with no difference. Hope i explained myself so you can understand. I upload a screenshot of the blueprint.

Hi, shouldn’t that be the distance between the HMD and the motion controllers (not the default scene root)? If you walk around in your vr space, does the number change our stay the same?

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ahh yes thank you! so just making a reference from the camera? :smiley: