Weird problem with particles visibility

Hi everyone,
at the begining i will say that the problem is not with particle bounds or LODs. :slight_smile:

Im trying to add some fog over the water on my map and the weird thing is, that the particles i use for the fog disappear when i look at them from some points of the map.

Here ther particles are visible:

And here i moved 3 meters to the left and they are gone

The same situation in another place

And after moving 2 meters to the right…

It is driving me crazy. The problem is not with the specific particles, i tried couple of techniques for the fog and it’s the same with everything. There is nothing in front of the camera, no meshes, no volumes, nothing. I can see the particles perfectly when i move the camera to the other side of the map, go up, go down, view form different angles, nothing changes the visibility. But when i move the camera to specific places they dissapear.
Do anyone have any idea what is going on?

Did you set fixed emitter bounds in cascade? this usually needs to be done, especially for gpu particles.

Thank you for your answer Ryan but as i said at the beginning of the post bounds are not the problem. :wink: These are CPU particles and beside that the bounds are set to fixed and have very big values. It changes nothing.
Could it be, that it have something to do with the fact that, these particles are near the water plane? Because i have the same emitter in the sky, as clouds, and overe there everything is ok.