Weird problem with mesh/lightning/baking

Hi everyone!

I can’t seem to figure out about this weird problem I’m having on my scene. I’ve recorded what happened, and no matter what I change inside the scene, the problem persists. I’m using 4.25.

The video of the problem:

I’m trying to achieve a full dark ambience and when I build the lightning, there’s some luminosity remaining from the light I’m using. There’s no other lights in the scene.

My scene contains 1 SpotLight (the one that I’m turning on and off via blueprint, using “Set Intensity”) and the following setup: 1 DirectionalLight, 1 LightmassImportanceVolume, 1 PostProcessVolume, 1 SkySphereBlueprint, 1 AtmosphericFog and 1 ExponentialHeightFog. My meshes are modular.
Auto exposure is already turned off on the PostProcessing and Project Settings.