Weird packaging issue

I created 10 music files to sell on the marketplace and tried to make it a package to upload on it. Both UE4 and UE5 gave me weird issues. Let me describe it one by one.

=== UE4 ===
Probably, I tried around 20 times for it and succeeded only twice, and I have no clue how it worked. Other than that, UE4 gives me a package that is missing the wav folder.
The file tree is very simple. Here is the screenshot:
The first one is succeeded one and the second one is failed one. As you can see, there is no wav folder. What I did was File → Package Project → Zip up project. I followed this tutorial vidoe:

=== UE5 ===
I did the same thing as I did with UE4. The different part is UE5 has changed the package project method. Thus, what I did was Platforms → Windows → Package Project. I don’t know if there is another option to export it as zip file in UE5 like UE4, but this method is what I found in this forum.
UE5 gives me a complete different result. First off, the file size is much larger than the one I made with UE4. UE4 one is 191 MB and UE5 one is 721 MB. It’s way too different. The folder structure is also complete different. Here is the screenshot:
I don’t see the wav and cues folders in this case, so I’m not sure what I did was correct.

In UE5 you go to File => Zip Up Project. All it does is to create a zip from CONFIG, CONTENT and your *.URPOJECT file. You can do the same when you go to your project folder, select these 2 folders and the project file and create a archive (7zip, Windows, WinRAR)

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Great! It works. Thanks so much!

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I just found the issue happens with UE5 too. After exporting zip file, the wav folder is missing. I think there must be something in common between UE4 and UE5.