Weird Normal Map Issue. One half of it seems to have taken a dive.

So I have this work-in-progress human head that I did with Maya, Blender and Substance Painter. Everything was going relatively well until I imported it into Unreal. It appears as if the right side(only the right side and only parts of it) of the normal map(and only the normal map, base color, roughness, etc. all show up correctly) was smudged downwards in a kind of weird way. I’ve checked and rechecked everything, made sure the UVs were in the right place, made sure I was using mikk tangents, made sure I exported everything correctly from Substance Painter, redid the normals with Xnormal(even though I added extra height detail in Substance), no matter what I did I always got the same problem.

Here is a picture of the correct side of the face, and here is a picture of the messed up normals on the other side.

And for extra bit of info here is a top down view, where you can kind of see the forehead wrinkles on the right side of the face(as in the left side of the picture) taking a dive downwards. Those should be mostly straight, as can be seen here on the actual normal map.

So any help here would be appreciated, because I personally am out of ideas…