Weird mysterious shadows. HALP!

Hello world!
So I am working on a 3D puzzle game and I am having significant lighting issues.

In the image below you can see the weird mysterious shadow that i am having issues with. I have no idea why this is happening
Also here is the same thing just viewed through ‘detailed lighting’

your lightmap resolution is too low, there may be ways to improve the results with better UV mapping though.

I bumped up the light map res to 512 and I think they are unwrapped well enough. Let me know if you think these are still the issues

As DarthViper suggested you’ll want to adjust the lightmaps resolution and/or the UV mapping.

Since you’ve tried upping the lightmap resolution and are seeing no change then you would need to start getting a good lightmap UV in place. 512 for a wall is a bit high when you can get away with lower with a good lightmap UV.

Until Eric and I get a troubleshooting guide up on the Wiki for this part of our lighting guide you can check out this post which will cover just about all lightmapping issues with modular pieces and seams: Modular Asset Lighting Problem - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

I’m pretty sure that the UV map is the culprit here. That map is a total mess judging from that screenshot and there seem to be several faces on top of each other. You should correct that in whatever 3d program you’re using.

From judging the screenshots, I can say that you not given enough spaces between UV island, you must have enough spaces between islands for the lightmap padding. If you are using 3ds ; make sure that you adjust your UVs by pixel snapping. Keep your UVs oraganized as much as possible, weird rotated angles might give some artificats.

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