weird Mirrors (Reflections) any solution?

Hello again…
i have a big problem with mirrors…
well… let’s take a look:
it was supposed to be two mirrors at the corner of an elevator!
i have a sphere reflection capture in the middle and the material for mirror has a constant [0] plugged into roughness, [1] plugged into metal and [1,1,1,0] (white) base color.
what is my solution and please if it’s possible do not suggest scene capture cube… because it will freeze my system and cause so many other problems for my.i don’t know why.
is there any better way?

If you’re after planar reflections, like this…
…then I believe the only way to do it without any kind of scene-capture workaround, is with 4.12 which is currently in preview.

You can also try to put box reflection captures, try using one for the entire room and then one in front of each mirror and see what one works better.

Started Downloading!
Looks like it’s the only option.

tried… still not what i want.
i’m downloading 4.12 Preview 3…

You’re very welcome. Just remember, it’s still in preview and could break your project, so you may want to “open a copy” in 4.12.

Two mirrors like that is hard problem. I don’t think even planar reflection will work there. Mirror will work but it will not mirror the other mirror right.

so at least i will try and hope to get result…
this project is making my crazy!
download still in progress… i don’t know why after nearly 3 hrs it used more than 3Gb traffic and still stuck at 11%

The best solution would be to only use a mirror for the back wall, reflections in a cube room like that can go 8+ deep and I don’t know how well UE4 or any real time engine handles it. Reflections are already a big performance issue.

Okay, I must have been tired when I first looked at the original post, because your post just made me take a second look at the image and realise that it’s not double-doors in an elevator. …Oops.

in 4.12 it is far better

Looks a lot better and more accurate with 4.12 planar reflection.
and thanks for pointing that out.
it’s awesome.

you are right but when you add an spherical reflection capture in the scene it will be more acceptable.

Happy I could help, Shahdezh. =)