Weird Material Bleeding Inside UE4

I’m having a strange issue with textures in UE4 where they look good inside 3ds max but when exported to UE4 they bleed ou of bounds and look just completely off. Below is an example of what I mean. Anyone else experience this? What could be the issue?

How do the UVs look like? I assume your UVs go beyond the 0-1 range and thus having precision issues

I’m not sure…How do I check them in UE4? I can’t see any UV options for skeletal mesh…

I meant in 3Ds

The UV’s look fine. Strange thing is that I’ve tested the model in 3ds Max, Maya as well as Unity, and the textures look perfect. It’s only in UE4 that this problem arises…It’s really frustrating

Weight paint issue?
is the model rigged?

Yes, it’s rigged. But I tested by importing it as a static mesh and I still get the same issue

This is happening on the cloak as well from the image you shared, so the material has to be at fault?
are you doing anything in it besides applying a texture?

I’m applying it directly without making any modifications of any kind…It’s just a basic material with albedo map

Odd. From the static mesh, can you check that the UVs are what you would expect? (Maybe share a screenshot).

Hmm… They look fine to me…

jeez, 4,000 tris for an S? XP

it doesn’t look “fine” but it looks OK - as in it shouldn’t be giving you that kind of distortion.

what does the geometry look like with the default material? is that getting skewed too?
If not, then the texture in use is the issue - by process of elimination.
Could the engine be aggressively mip-ing down on you for whatever reason?

The geometry looks ok without the material applied:

Btw, strange thing is that the same model looks completely fine inside Unity:

I found out what the problem was…I simply needed to check “Use Full precision UVs” in the asset tab