weird lines on mesh after displacement

I’m suspecting you don’t have enough polys around the edge of the door. What does it look like in wireframe mode?


Mesh has weird lines when I apply displacement map in my material. Basecolor map is works good if no displacement. But Displacement is not when I use it… You can see how is wrong corners of the door

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

I have subdivided in blender before export it. All model is together, not one by one. Very complex to see in wireframe mod but I did take this pic to see. You can see this small corner. I think it has enough poly. Or not enough them ?

In the materials detail panel under tesselation try to tick the crack free displacement checkbox. It might help.

i ve subdivided it before export. Polys are ok but used the checkbox and its ok now. Thank you

Thank you so much , it fixed the problem :slight_smile:

thank you for helps guys. The crack free disp. is fixed the problem. cheers :slight_smile:

thank you for help guys :))))