Weird lighting with movable meshes

So I’m getting this weird issue where when I build the lighting on these blueprint meshes, they build all of the same colour. Why is this happening? It’s only happening with the movable meshes and I’ve checked that there’s lightmaps for the meshes. I’ve messed around with the world settings but I’m stumped.


Thank you in advance for any and all help!


Lightmaps are used only for lighting Static Meshes. For lighting movable mesh you must use movable or stationary lights.

You can manually add your movable mesh in to Lightmap. This Lightmap used for lighting your movable mesh before it first movement.

Thanks for the response! I looked at the mesh and in the details section there’s nothing there :(. I’ve checked for that option in a static mesh’s details and I was able to find it however the above mesh is apart of a blueprint so would that’d be why I don’t have access to that option?

If you go into the Blueprint and select your mesh, there should be access to the “light as static” in the details panel to the right (assuming you are using the default layout), but should be in the details panel.
BUT, and I’m running into this problem… if the mesh is going to move quite a bit then the shadows are baked on and sometimes this looks terrible. For example, an opening door. The inner edge of the door is in complete shadow so it maintains that shadow when opened.