Weird Lighting/Rendering problem

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

Forget about the floor, they aren’t exactly the same texture, but the walls as, and one renders differently than the other. Any thoughts?



Well, the first problem was caused by a directional light, that I had disabled, but it was used in Skysphere. I deleted both, and that sort of fixed the problem.

I put point lights into the scene, and another issue came up. The top photo shows the problem. This was grabbed after I stopped PLAY mode. The second photo was grabbed after I barley moved one of the point lights, which made most issues go away, but then I have to rebuild the scene, and the problem comes back.

No lights louched
Built and in Play.jpg

Light moved:
Light moved.jpg


did you get a warning about “degenerate tangent bases” while importing the mesh?

I did, but I thought I fixed that. I’ll have to go back and look. Is there a way to check an object without re-importing?


I don’t know about checking without re-reimporting…
what I’m doing in this kind of situations :

  1. import or open source mesh (in 3ds max)
  2. go to poly and select all faces and click retriangulate
  3. chceck maps on first UV channel
  4. add Unwrap UVW modificator on second channel and flatten all faces
  5. export mesh and reimport in Unreal

in 99% it does the job

I might try your solution, but I created a new project and imported everything, and I didn’t get any errors, so now I’m not sure where to look. Would bad UV mapping cause the problem, but not give the error?


After a lot of ******** around, on a whim, I made the walls and floor STATIC and the problem went away.


Didn’t mean to use a bad word. It wasn’t four letters and you might use it to describe replacing a light bulb. Isn’t this a bit strict?