Weird Lighting Issue

Hey everyone, I am picking up a weird anomaly with my lighting for one arena and I am not sure how to fix it … I am hoping one of you can maybe point me to a solution. 8-{

This is the map prior to lighting:

This is the map after lighting:

I am completely stumped and just can’t get my lighting to work properly. 8-{

-post your light setup
-do you have a lightmass importance volume in your level?
-which light build settings do you use? (production,…)
-are those objects static ones?
-increase the lightmap resolution of the meshes

I think your problem is caused by the skylight -> move something in the level so that you have the original light quality + then set the skylight to moveable and check if you get the same result as on the 2nd pic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.

  • Yes, I have a lightmass importance volume and it is encompassing the arena.
  • I am using production lighting.
  • Those objects are static and are created via a blueprint.
  • I have tried that and it didn’t seem to make a difference.

I also tried what you suggested with the skylight and that didn’t help either … the weird thing is that if I remove the landscape and rebuild the lighting everything is fine. I also have 5 other maps that are duplicate and they build fine … the main difference is they have less squares.

It is really a strange one. 8-{

-in your blueprints set “Light As If Static” to true and try it again :slight_smile:
-What happens when you copy and paste everything into another level + build the light again?
-Move the landscape a little bit down so that there is a small gap between the meshes and the landscape.

What colour is your sky? Since the skylight captures the reflection environment of it, it greatly affects what your objects look like.

Remove your Reflection Capture actor in the center of your map.

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar … that nailed it … thank you very much. 8-}

I am finally getting the hang of this lighting stuff … networking and replication was easy compared to this. Thank you very much. 8-}